Load a configuration preset Save current settings to a User Preset and manage saved presets
Randomize Randomize settings on track change or time interval
Bar Spacing Bar spacing for band modes
(no effect when LUMI is on)
Line Width Line width for Line Graph mode and Outline effect
Fill Opacity Fill opacity for Line Graph mode and Outline effect
Analyzer Mode Visualization mode.
Enable/disable modes in Config.
Gradients Gradients for left and right channels. Enable/disable gradients in Config.
  • SPLIT Split gradients in two different parts
    (for Dual / Vertical channel layout)
Color Mode Bar coloring mode
Radial Spin Radial spin speed
Background Select background option
Background Image Fit Adjust the size and position of the background image ShiftB
Background Dim Adjust the intensity of the background image or video
Reflex Vertical reflection style
(no effect when LUMI or RADIAL are on)
Mirror Horizontal mirroring effect
Frequency Range Lowest and highest frequencies displayed in the X-axis
Frequency Scale Select how frequencies are represented in the X-axis
Sensitivity Improve visualization of songs too quiet or too loud. Customize in Config.
Weighting Select frequency weighthing filter
Channel Layout Select the number and layout of analyzer channels
Switches General visualization and performance options
  • INFO Display song info at song start/end.
    Customize display times in Config.
  • SUBTITLES Toggle display of subtitles
  • PEAKS Toggle amplitude peaks. Customize in Config - General settings.
  • FADE When active, peaks fade out instead of falling down ShiftP
  • SCALE X Toggle frequency (Hz) scale on the X-axis
  • NOTES Labels on the X-axis show musical notes instead of frequencies
  • SCALE Y Toggle level (amplitude) scale on the Y-axis
  • LINEAR Use linear values (instead of dB) for bar amplitudes
  • ANSI Use ANSI/IEC preferred frequencies for octave bands
  • FPS Display current frame rate H
  • FLAT Disable shadow on canvas text
    (may improve performance)
  • LO-RES Lower canvas resolution to improve rendering speed
  • Alpha Bar amplitude affects its opacity
    (no effect in area/line graph modes)
  • LUMI Show full height bars with varying luminance (bands modes only)
  • LEDS Vintage LED bars effect (bands modes only)
  • Outline Outlined bars (bands modes only)
  • RADIAL Circular analyzer with radial frequencies
    (disables LEDS and LUMI) C
  • ROUND Rounded tip bars (bands modes only)

Click to allow access to your device

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Double-click to queue file / Ctrl & Shift to multi select

Switch between reading music from the server and your local device
Add selected files in the current folder to the queue
Add all files in the current folder to the queue
Add a remote audio file or stream to the queue
Open a media file from your computer and play it
Play queue
Overwrite the selected playlist with the current play queue
Load selected playlist Delete selected playlist

    Double-click to play / Drag to reorder / Delete to remove

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